Array to XML:HTMLをオブジェクトとしてDOMDocumentにインポートする方法

PHP DOMNodeにHTMLを挿入する方法

I am trying to write a Class that converts an array to xml using DOMDocument – and on top of that imports
HTML into the DOM document. Problem is that the HTML is not
imported into the DOM document – it gets imported as a text string
(for instance, HTML tags are shown as <p>
instead of

in the source for the resulting xml

Update: Code added directly to this Question as
requested by Hakre. The code is a bit hacked but works – it would
be interesting though to get rid of the extend from DomDocument as
suggested by Hakre.

class xmlizer extends DomDocument {

    function __construct() {

    function node_create($arr, $items = null) {
        if (is_null($items))
            $items = $this->appendChild($this->createElement("items"));

       //Loop the array values.
        foreach($arr as $element => $value) {
           //If Array has numeric keys, use "node - else use $element.
            $element = is_numeric( $element ) ? "node" : $element;
           //Create element, add $value unless $value is an array - and append to main object ($items).
            $fragment = $this->createElement($element, (is_array($value) ? null : $value));

           //Iterate if $value is an array, .
            if (is_array($value)) {
                self::node_create($value, $fragment);

    public function __toString() {
       //html_entity_decode() added by Micha. Thanks.
        return html_entity_decode($this->saveXML());


// Build test Array with HTML string (for testing purposes only).
for($i=0;$i<3;$i++) {
    $j = $i+1;
    $array['example'][] = array(
        "id" => $j,
        "title" => "Title $j",
        "description" => "
Text string nr. $j with some HTML code.

", ); } // Test: Run the code. header("Content-Type:text/xml"); $xml = new xmlizer(); $xml->node_create($array); echo $xml;



2番目のコードの15行目にある html_entity_decode($

Update Sorry the one above doesn’t work and
this doesn’t work too:

    ->createTextNode(is_array($value) ? null : $value ));

Finaly I tryed it my self:

I think this is the best solution:


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