I am building a site, in which I denied hotlinking of images. But
after I added the facebooks “like” link to my pages, I realized
that I want to allow hotlinking for facebook. So, if a user likes a
page on my site, facebook should be able to show a related
thumbnail of the page in the profile of the user. So, I added an
exclusion rule in IIS like

if {HTTP_REFERER} matches pattern
^(https?://)?(w+.)facebook.(com|net)(/.)*$ , allow. Alas,
it didn’t work for me.

After that I googled for an answer. A forum post suggested to use
“tfbnw” instead of facebook, so I added that exclusion, too:


But as you might expect, still no chance. So, I don’t know which
URL facebook uses to request images when a user uses the like
button. I would appreciate any help to uncover this mystery, so
that I can allow that URL on my site.



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